Malaria Country Facts

The main objective of the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partnership is the scaling up of interventions at country level to ensure wide spread coverage, particularly to population groups most vulnerable.

There is a need to strengthen support for coordination amongst country health partners. The identification of support needs are to be led and designed locally, with support from other levels as appropriate for the country context and capacity and the stage of policy development and implementation.

The malaria program performance review (MPR) is a periodic joint program management process for reviewing progress and performance of country programs within the national health and development agenda. Its aim is to improve performance and re-define the strategic direction and focus of the programme.


RBM Partnership Secretariat helps countries to develop feasible plans for scaling up malaria interventions and establish the three ones at the country level. The “Three Ones” require that partners harmonize their actions by subscribing to:

  • One result oriented strategic and operational plan
  • One national coordinating mechanism for implementation support
  • One monitoring and evaluation system