RBM Vision

Photo by Bonnie Gillespie, Johns Hopkins University

RBM’s vision is of a world free from the burden of malaria.

By 2015, the malaria-specific Millennium Development Goal (MDG) is achieved, and malaria is no longer a major cause of mortality and no longer a barrier to social and economic development and growth anywhere in the world.

By 2020, all countries and partners accelerate their efforts. Malaria mortality rates and incidence is reduced by at least 40% compared with 2015. Malaria does not re-emerge in countries that were malaria-free in 2015. Malaria is eliminated in a further 10 countries compared to 2015.

By 2030, malaria mortality rates are reduced by at least 90% compared to 2015 and at least 35 more countries have eliminated malaria.


RBM Partnership Strategic Plan 2018-2020