Monitoring & Evaluation Reference Group (MERG)

Co-Chairs :
Prof. Abdisalan Mohamed NoorWHO, Geneva
Dr Erin EckertPMI, USA
Working Group Secretariat :
Jui ShahMEASURE Evaluation/ICF International, USA
Michael PaulaMEASURE Evaluation/ICF International, USA
Next meeting :
January 30th – February 1st, 2017 Geneva, Switzerland

MERG Task Forces:

Not active:

Purpose / Rationale:

The purpose of the MERG is to facilitate alignment of partners on strategies and best practices for developing effective systems to monitor and evaluate M&E malaria control programmes. It also identifies emerging research questions and needs related to the implementation of M&E initiatives and communicates these to appropriate partners.

Functions of the Working Group:

Convene: the MERG brings together a group of individuals from institutional partners who are well versed in the science of M&E as well as the programmatic needs and implications to advise on, and advocate for, improved M&E of the RBM Initiative.

Co-ordinate: by bringing the Partners together, the MERG gives a forum for the Partners to co-ordinate their efforts in M&E. Key functions:

  • Supporting coordination/harmonization of M&E activities (data collection, analysis, dissemination) among the partners,
  • Identifying and prioritizing critical action steps for country, regional and global M&E work to assure that action is taken by the relevant group(s) to achieve quality M&E in a timely fashion
  • Identifying critical bottlenecks arising from M&E activities and organizing smaller Working Groups to address the questions and provide recommendations on issues
  • Promote operational research to support evidence-based, efficient programme implementation and the use of M&E tools.
  • Identifying and recommending strategies for addressing the needs for capacity building in M&E at all levels
  • Developing and maintaining consensus around M&E strategies across partners and institutions
  • Developing and providing technical guidance on selection and definition of indicators for national, inter-country and global reporting
  • Providing technical guidance on appropriate data collection methods, analytic strategies, and dissemination of recommendations
  • Monitoring changing needs for M&E as country programs, and the RBM Initiative itself, develop further

Facilitate Communication: by bringing Partners together, the MERG is a forum for communication and mutual learning. Key functions:

  • Advising the RBM Board on appropriate monitoring frameworks for RBM initiatives
  • Keeping RBM partners informed of developments within their institutions and other initiatives that are relevant for M&E work.
  • Informally advocating for increased attention to and resources for monitoring and evaluation activities within the RBM Secretariat and the members’ home institutions
  • Other activities pertinent to M&E as requested by the RBM Board.

For further information, please refer to the MERG Revised Terms of Reference adopted in January 2014 following the 25th RBM Partnership Board meeting.

Date Meeting outputs
Twenty-sixth MERG Meeting
Meeting report [PDF] List of participantsMeeting presentations: [Day 1]; [Day 2]; [Day 3]
Twenty-fifth MERG Meeting
Meeting report [PDF] Agenda
List of participants
List of surveysMeeting presentations: [Day 1]; [Day 2]; [Day 3]
Twenty-fourth MERG Meeting
Meeting report [PDF] Provisional AgendaMeeting presentations: [Day 1]; [Day 2]; [Day 3]
Twenty-third MERG Meeting
Meeting report [PDF] Provisional AgendaMeeting presentations: [Day 1]; [Day 2]; [Day 3]
Twenty-second MERG Meeting
Meeting report [PDF] Provisional AgendaMeeting presentations: [Day 1]; [Day 2]
Twenty-first MERG Meeting
Meeting report [PDF 391K] Provisional AgendaMeeting presentations: [Day 1]; [Day 2]; [Day 3]
Twentieth MERG Meeting
Meeting Report [PDF 550K]

Provisional Agenda

Meeting presentations: [Day 1]; [Day 2]; [Day 3]

Nineteenth MERG Meeting
Meeting Report [PDF 940K]

Provisional Agenda

Meeting presentations: [Day 1]; [Day 2]; [Day 3]

Eighteenth MERG Meeting
Meeting Report [PDF 940K]

Provisional Agenda

Meeting presentations: [Day 1]; [Day 2]; [Day 3]

Seventeenth MERG Meeting
Meeting Report [PDF 81K]

Provisional Agenda [PDF 130K]

Meeting presentations: [Day 1] [Day 2] [Day 3]

Sixteenth MERG Meeting
Meeting Report [PDF 240K] Provisional Agenda [PDF 790K]
Fifteenth MERG Meeting
Meeting Report [PDF 190K] Action Items [PDF 98K]
Fourteenth MERG Meeting
Meeting Report [PDF 220K] Provisional Agenda [PDF 100K] Draft Summary and Action Points [PDF 24K]
Thirteenth MERG Meeting
Meeting Report [PDF 140K] Action Points [PDF 82K]
Twelfth MERG Meeting
Meeting Report [PDF 140K]
Eleventh MERG Meeting
Meeting Report [PDF 190K]
Tenth MERG Meeting
Meeting Report [PDF 240K]
Ninth MERG Meeting
Minutes of the meeting [PDF 82K]
Eighth MERG Meeting
Minutes of the meeting [PDF 230K]
Seventh MERG Meeting
Minutes of the meeting [PDF 120K]
Sixth MERG Meeting
Minutes of the meeting (as of 1.11.2006) [PDF 93K]
Fifth MERG Meeting
Minutes of the meeting [PDF 190K] RBM MERG Progress PPT from Bernard Nahlen [PPT 770K]
Fourth MERG Meeting
Minutes of the meeting [PDF 110K]
Third MERG Meeting
Minutes of the meeting [MS Word 1.37M]
Second MERG Meeting
Minutes of the meeting [MS Word 396K]
First MERG Meeting
Minutes of the meeting [MS Word 324K]
MERG WG Terms of Reference
RBM MERG Guidance Note:
Assessing the Impact of Malaria Control Activities on Mortality among African Children Under 5 Years of Age

Malaria reports

World Malaria Report 2014
World Malaria Report 2013
World Malaria Report 2012
World Malaria Report 2011
World Malaria Report 2010
World Malaria Report 2009
UNICEF: Malaria & Children: Progress in Intervention Coverage(2009 Update)
World Malaria Report 2008
UNICEF: Malaria & Children: Progress in Intervention Coverage (2007 Report)

Other Documents

Assessment and Monitoring of Antimalarial Drug Efficacy for the Treatment of Uncomplicated Falciparum Malaria

Determination of populations at malaria risk

Guidelines for the Treatment of Malaria
WHO 2006

A medical-geographical study of an ancient disease, 1968
Journal of Medical Geography
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