Register as a Partner

RBM’s strength lies in its ability to form effective partnerships at global, regional and country levels, with a focus on areas where harmonization and combined effort will provide added value to the quality and impact of the interventions.

The new governance architecture includes a number of key ways for Partners to get involved and provide direct input into the Partnership and its work through the Partner Committees, which are intended to formalize, consolidate, and amplify the core Partnership functions as established by the Partnership Board.

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In re-registering your interest and applying to join the Partnership you will be asked to confirm that you:

  • Endorse the values and the principles of the RBM Partnership.
  • Support the Vision of the Partnership and its associated strategies and plans.
  • Are active in the area of malaria, sustainable development and related fields, and committed to collective action in the fight against malaria.
  • Advocate to eliminate malaria as a public health threat.

However, any organization that meets these criteria can apply to join the Partnership and we are passionately committed to ensure RBM remains as inclusive and representative as possible.